Measuring Your Impact

If I’ve learned anything in college about public relations and social media, it’s that the digital world is not simple. It is not straightforward, it is not always predictable, and certainly not easy. That’s why strategy is so important for public relations pros, and other areas of mass communications as well. It’s one thing to get likes or follows, but what does that mean? Just because someone liked your Facebook post, doesn’t mean your brand is out there. This is where digital measurement comes in.

IMG_7983An easy way to measure how you or your company is doing in the digital world is with an application called Klout. This application measures your impact online, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites. Klout doesn’t just measure likes or follows; it measure how often people are engaging with what you post online. This means how often people share your content or respond with comments. This is different than likes or follows because it gives solid responses and feedback to your content which helps you improve future posts based on public opinion. Cool, huh? For example, my Klout score is 44, or 44 percent of the time, people engage with the content I post.

Now, why is this important? As mentioned before, integrating the public’s response to your content will help improve future postings based on what they want to see. Your audience decides if your content is good, not you. It is also important because it helps you stay in line with your campaign or PR goals. Does the content you are posting support the goals? Is it relevant? If not, you may need to do some rearranging.

This article has some cool points about digital measurement to check out. Part of PR is always striving to be better, always striving to improve or come up with new ideas.

Seeing as this is my last blog post for class, I would like to say peace out #TechPR3315. It’s been real…real strategic. I plan on continuing to blog about my PR endeavors and experience, but for now, I only have one final and two papers that stand between me and some sand and sun! Stay tuned for more media adventures!

Until next time, on PR Talk.


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