What in the world is a wearable??

1421835866wf5usThought your smartphone was the only way to take your technology with you? Guess again. We’ve gone from giant desktops to pagers to smartphones and tablets, and the next thing on the list are wearables.

A wearable is pretty close to what it sounds like: an accessory that you wear on your physical body and incorporates computer and electronic technology. Wearables can be used as fashion accessories or lifestyle products. They are capable of all sorts of tasks; basic things like a watch that can send text messages to the more advanced such as a baby anklets that tracks your baby’s heart rate, temperature, sleeping position and oxygen levels, as well as many other vital signs.

To be honest, I have looked at the Apple Watch. They are a pricey piece of technology. You can pre-order the watch exclusively online but many are not available to ship until at least June, despite their release date later this month. Here are my thoughts on the wearable, broken down into convenience and cool factor.

Cool Factor


IMG_7939Apple products are sleek, modern and pretty to look at; the watch is no exception. According to Apple, the watch is a whole new experience, and “more personal than ever.” I remember in high school when iPhones were the phone. Even in college, I see iPhones everywhere I look. Apple’s popularity does a lot for the watch and their other products for that matter. Apple releases a new product and everyone has to have it. It’s new, it’s scarce, and it has the Apple logo, which makes you cooler than your Android counterparts, right?

My family tends to sway PC in the technology area, at least for computers. My mom, sister and I have iPhones and we love them. I do tend to think Apple (or iPhones at least) are “cooler” than Android, but I’m also not super tech savvy. I don’t have to have the latest gadgets and I only care that my phone supports my social media addiction and takes pictures. Apple does these things without being super complicated.



So….despite the fact that the watch looks and exudes the cool that is Apple products, at face value, it’s still a watch. Not a new concept. Yes, the watch has texting capabilities, Siri, workout tracking and many more useful features, but your smartphone already does all these things. Probably more. I’d also be willing to bet that your smartphone was cheaper, too. The cheapest model starts at $350 and goes up to $17,000. Yes, you read that right. $17,000 for a touch screen watch.


You cannot use an Apple watch unless you have an iPhone, and a more recent model at that, which makes sense, but also limits their target sales to current Apple customers for the most part. I think the biggest thing the watch has going for it is the wearability. Perhaps it does allow you to quickly take care of every day tasks like texting or answering a call, but is it really so difficult to take out your phone to send that text?

After some research, those are the conclusions I’ve made. I do think they have a certain coolness factor to them, but not worth the money for me. Maybe it’s because I’m not tech savvy that I don’t see the huge deal about them, or I could be totally misinformed. What do you think? Apple Watch: Yay or nay?

Until next time, on PR Talk.


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