Good things come to those who get involved!

College of Media and Communication

College of Media and Communication

This week in my PR journey, I did something way out of my comfort zone. In the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech, there is a social media lab called The Outpost. From this lab, they write stories, monitor and send out tweets, film a weekly “What’s Trending” video and much more! The content is managed and written by students which is awesome. On Tuesday, a friend of mine who works in The Outpost asked me to fill in for her in the weekly video.

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous. I had never done anything like this. That being said, we read off prompters with a written script so it wasn’t super difficult but sometimes being behind a camera can be intimidating. Here are two things I took away from this experience.

Getting out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow

This year (this semester really), I’ve started really getting into my major. I’m beginning to discover just how cool PR can be and I regret that I didn’t branch out more my first couple years of school. In order to make up for this, I take virtually every opportunity thrown my way and have been doing things I never thought I would. It’s not always easy, but proving to be worth it. Even if you think you can’t do it, go for it.

Not made for TV

Not made for TV, folks

I do not have a TV personality

So, after watching the episode (which I’ve graciously provided down below), I realized I’m just about the most awkward dolphin there ever was, or on camera at least. I promise I’m easy to talk to in person. However, I had fun being in the studio; a lot of fun actually, and with some practice, I would definitely do it again. Not everyone hits the nail on the head with the first try. Reaching success is about pushing past the attempts and failures until you get it right which is what I intend to do. Maybe not with broadcast, but with every other aspect of my life!

Good luck to you and your PR endeavors! I encourage everyone to try something new whenever you can. Until next time, on PR Talk.

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