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FullSizeRender (3)Today was another successful day of learning how to be a better public relations professional. I was fortunate enough to have a spot at a public relations workshop hosted by the Association for Women in Communications (AWC). Lubbock has its own professional chapter which is pretty rad because it creates a local opportunity to network and reach out to experienced PR pros for advice. If you have never been to a communications conference or workshop, I would highly recommend it.

There were a few guest speakers including Amy George from MADD, Melanie Cornell with JC Penny, and Jason Vines, crisis communication expert and author of “What Did Jesus Drive?” PR on a budget and digital PR strategies were among the topics discussed.

Why this conference was awesome

  • Exposed to professionals who talk about real life PR situations they have been involved with
  • Met other women in communications who shared their college and internship experiences
  • Saw a few successful PR campaigns from well-known companies
  • Free lunch
  • Opted out of a class assignment for PR 3345 (ha ha)

FullSizeRender (4)In all seriousness, much of the advice the professionals gave are things we are learning in class already. This goes to show that while in school, it may not seem all that important but in reality, it’s going to be essential for careers in public relations. Learning to apply the skills we discuss in class to a real life situation is probably one of the most difficult transitions from student to professional. Most of us are looking for all the advice we can get. Honestly, I chose to attend this conference on impulse but I’m sure glad I did.

Until next time, on PR Talk.

AWC website:

Lubbock chapter:

Image courtesy of Lisa Low

Image courtesy of Lisa Low (PR 3315 at AWC Conference)


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