Superbowl Strategies

The mission: Follow and observe five brands of your choice that advertise and use social media during the Superbowl

The brands: Budlight, Doritos, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, & Chevrolet

The winner: McDonald’s

Honorary mention: Budlight

Superbowl 2015

Superbowl 2015

Okay so this wasn’t actually a competition but if it was, I would pick McDonald’s, which I will discuss in this post. Last week, PR 3315 began discussing media strategies and how they can make or break the success of your messages. When I say McDonald’s is the “winner,” this is not to say that the other brands I chose to observe did not execute their advertising well, but McDonald’s stood out to me in their Superbowl commercials for a few reasons.

Doritos, Coca-Cola, and Chevrolet are well-known and respected brands. Each of them use relevant hash tags on their accounts and encourage other users to use them. They interact with other people on Twitter, comment on the Superbowl commercials, and even interact with other brands on social media as well. They do a great job at staying in the loop and putting themselves out there. Their Superbowl commercials were thought out and entertaining, but they just didn’t stand out to me as much as McDonald’s or Budlight.

Budlight’s #upforwhatever hash tag is brilliant, and their commercial featuring a life-size game of Pac-man was even more brilliant. I thought it was a great effort to appeal to young adults (20s-30s); At this age, many people are starting their careers, committed to themselves only, and do what for fun? Go out! The event took place at a bar where they randomly picked someone to play the life-size Pac-man game after they ordered a Budlight and asked if they were “upforwhatever.” Being placed in the game itself not only fits the idea of #upforwhatever, but is also just plain old fun. It brings back the carefree spirit and feelings of youth that some of these adolescents are missing. I really enjoyed how this commercial advertised without actually advertising. They didn’t say, “Budlight rocks! Buy our beer!” They simply found a way to feature their product while appealing to the right audience and make everything interesting. If you didn’t see the commercial, check it out! It’s super cool and totally worth the watch.

On to McDonald’s. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of McDonald’s. Whenever I walk into one of their establishments, I feel like it’s dirty, the employees are worse than indifferent, and merely looking at a cheeseburger will cause me to gain five pounds. No offense to McDonald’s lovers, it’s just not for me. All that being said, I thought their Superbowl commercials were highly creative and innovative in addition to their social media presence. McDonald’s is launching a program for one week called “Pay with lovin” where randomly selected customers will pay for their meals with “lovin” instead of money. McDonald’s usually advertises their products or menu specials so I see this as a big step for them. Having an interactive event is something I don’t remember them ever doing. Not only will the chance of getting free food persuade typical McDonald’s customers to continue eating there but also the people who will buy a meal out of curiosity or fun. It gives their company a compassionate reputation. They want the public to believe that they care about them. Offering incentive is usually pretty effective when trying to persuade; you scratch our back and we’ll scratch yours. Everybody wins. Or, randomly selected customers win. I recommend watching this commercial as well. The acting seems overall sincere and in general was well thought out.

How do I get the attention of my target audience?

How do I persuade them?

What would I want to hear if I were them?

Asking questions like these are great starting points to creating effective media messages that many businesses do very well. Hopefully you can spot it in every day commercials, not just Superbowl ads. Until next time, on PR Talk.

Shout out to Katy Perry’s halftime show! I thought it was pretty sweet!


One thought on “Superbowl Strategies

  1. I totally agree!! McDonalds hit the nail on the head! You are absolutely right with everything you said. “Pay With Lovin'” is an amazing campaign idea and though it is definitely not my first choice of eateries, the concept is, dare i say it, mmm mmm good!


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