Pinterest Project!

image3Here in PR 3345, we do a lot of cool things. Take videos and pictures, eat candy, even use social media in class! No, I’m serious. Recently, we started working on our latest content developing endeavor, the Pinterest Project. Valentine’s Day is coming up, so what better way to advertise than with some colorful candy hearts? At the moment, we are still working on creating content to post on every social media platform you can think of. Eventually, our content will have its own Pinterest board on our class account but as with any project, we begin with the planning phase.

If you have never heard of “printables” then you should get acquainted (example in bottom right photo). They’re a form of stationary in a sense. You can use them for gift tags, holiday labels, whatever you want. The coolest part is that they are customizable. Making printables of your very own is the perfect way to add a sprinkle of personal flair into your projects. Check out this Pinterest board: 


Pictured: Randi Brigman, PR student

This board has some free printables you can use and tons of inspiration if you want to create your own or just get a little crafty.

Strategically placing messages on the right social media platform is critical for awesome PR. However, you can’t even begin to strategize your messages until you’ve created them! Look around, wherever you are. There is content everywhere. From the wise words of a professor of mine, Lisa Low, you have to be curious. You have to want to ask questions and know the right questions to ask. In case you didn’t know, public relations is a seriously cool major. It’s flexible, creative, innovative, and changing all the time. If you are thinking about majoring in communications, check us out at

More Valentine's fun

More Valentine’s fun

Or feel free to follow the Twitter accounts

  • @TxTechPR
  • @TechPr3345

Have a fabulous weekend! Happy (super early) Valentine’s Day! Until next time, on PR Talk.

#TechPR3345 (follow our class hashtag!)



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