A Little Bit of Everything

1407854438wl8ozI love writing. I also love reading. Today, I’m going to share some of the blogs I follow. If you have a chance, check them out! Sometimes it’s nice to dive into some new reading.

First on the list are two different PR blogs.

1. Denver PR Blog (http://denverprblog.com/)

  • This blog caught my interest because it’s about public relations of course, but also because I plan to live in Colorado after I graduate. No idea where yet, but if I happen to live in Denver, this blog may prove useful for me! They post job openings and companies who are hiring as well as updating the site with general PR news in the Denver community.

2. PR Blog (https://sarandevaa.wordpress.com/)

  • This is a site I ran into in my search for random PR blogs to follow. It is fairly new I believe, as it only has one post but I’m hoping the author is an avid writer! I liked this one in particular because the author is right around my age and studying PR at a university. Making connections is a big part of PR, so why not do it through blogging?

The next three blogs are sites I chose to follow out of personal interest. I have a variety of hobbies and interests so there’s not a theme or connection between them but they are pretty cool.

3. Apothecary Travels (http://apothecarytravels.com/)

  • This site is absolutely wonderful! Just like any other free-spirited college kid, I have dreams of traveling. Learning other cultures, seeing beautiful views, and meeting as many people as I can. This blog is about the travels of a man who decided to live his dream. He talks about his experiences and showcases the photos he took. I really love the photos because they really add a nice visual element to the descriptions and it helps the reader witness his travels instead of just reading about them.

4. Travel, volley, and a passion for life (https://nicolehragyil.wordpress.com/)

  • This blog belongs to Nicole Hragyil who is actually a volleyball player at Texas Tech. I don’t know her, have never met her (so maybe it’s creepy that I followed her blog) but her site is sunny and visually appealing as well as relatable. Her posts tend to revolve around life in general, what’s going on, things like that. It’s cool to see other students my age blogging for fun and not only for class. (Personal blogging is fun, you should do it!)

5. Seasmoke Whale Watching (http://seasmokewhalewatching.com/)

  • This is perhaps the most random blog I picked out but with good reason! Or good enough for me anyway. I adore whales. I think they are beautiful, majestic sea angels. I want to swim with humpback whales someday (yes it’s a thing). This blog features pictures of whales, info about the company, and even allows you to reserve a spot for a whale watching tour. Not a blog for everyone, but worth a visit if you like marine life.

Hopefully you found a new blog to follow or gained some inspiration on what kinds of blogs to search for. Thanks for reading! Until next time, on PR Talk.


2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Everything

  1. Thank you Jennifer for mentioning my blog! It’s much appreciated! And I am really glad that we do think in kind of the same way! I will definitely have a look at the blogs you have mentioned above because I’m sure I am going to like them 🙂

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